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September 13, 2007
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EDIT version1.2 now has a loading screen

As an added secret bonus thing, I decided to update the Female Furry Dollmaker in conjunction with the Male one!

So here is version 1.1 =} Tons has been updated since version 1.0, most of which came from your suggestions and comments on the last version, so thankyou! I hope you all enjoy this one!


Some info about copyrights and uploading

:bulletblue: Anything you make in this Furry Dollmaker becomes FREE FOR YOU TO USE. Any characters, you are welcome to upload to DeviantArt, or wherever you like, without permission. All I ask is that you give credit or a link to the Furry Dollmaker.

:bulletblue: UPLOADING: If you want to show other people what you have made, you are welcome to upload it into your SCRAPS on DA, not your MAIN GALLERY. This is against the rules and could be removed. Besides, it's not technically something you have drawn.

:bulletblue: You cannot save your doll in the Dollmakers (this is impossible to do in Flash), so please take a screen-shot of it using your "printscreen" key on your keyboard, then paste it into an art program =}
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Videogame13 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  New member
Name: Lauren
Species: Wolf
Age: 14
Fur colour: Light blue
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Green
Likes: a lot of things but mostly Nature
Dislikes: Fire
Friends: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver and Rouge
Enemies: Blaze
Crush: Sonic and Shadow (kinda)
Powers: Ice, Nature and air
wowcrafter31 Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
i did it.... after all these...uh....minuets........I MADE MY FURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tard Slide 
Sugarball98 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
+ any questions of Shadow? Ask on male furry dollmaker Please
Sugarball98 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Name: Kiki
likes: Pink Makeup being popular
Dislikes: newbies no makeup wearing queen or black
Mother: Unknown
Farther: Unknown Brother: Shadow (( check Male furry dollmaker for his information)
Sister: Unknown
Mate: Nobody
Kids: No children owned
Type: hedgehog
Story: ever sine Kiki was born her brother Shadow met Amy so she became alone in her school surrounded by cool girls as she felt sad the girls picked on her so she accepted the pick on and picked on them being cool the leader of the girls accepted her as Kiki explained her feelings for Amy Boomba the girls said: She was like our old member till she was like OMG I found this guy and he kissed me and and and and and Kiki didn't listen to her as she asked all of them what there name was Bella Madison the kindness said Fauna doll the joker one said Amy rose the sonic lover said & Tia stamped said the leader im Kiki nightmare she says quietly hopping they may not pick on her last name after her brother Shadow fell in love she wanted to take shadow away the girls roomed the school helped each other as they visited Kiki's house it was like a MANSION she smiled happily hopping her brother will see how she is and how she is now a cool girl part of the Pink makers as she walked home she kissed her farther next to Amy Kiki flapped her hand at her as Shadow growled at her than gave his girlfriend a bowl of fruit as the watched the starsA Heart For YOU  Kiki growled saying in her mind:hatevalentines: Heartbreaker 
KisaHyuuga15 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Photographer
Name: Jazzy

Species: Bat-Fox Hybrid

Age: 17

Fur Colour: White

Hair Colour: White

Favourite Colour: Orange, Black, And Red

BIO: She always wanted a family, but she grew up at an orphanage. when she heard that no one would adopt her, she ran away and soon found herself in front of sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow. ever since then she has been training with them and even became friends with them. her number one best friend is Rouge. She soon grew feeling for Shadow, Scourge and a mysterious anamatronic who goes by the name of Lune(loon-eh). she told Rouge this and Rouge Promised her that by the end of the month Shadow And Scourge will be fighting over her. What will Happen Next (Wattpad; KisaHyuuga14)
mythicalsonic Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
name: Magi
species: cat, tabby to be precise
age: 27
fur colour: red
eye colour: red
hair colour: black
story: this sarcastic kitty is the head of purrco a company trying to overthrow Eggman and the freedom fighters, she is against sonic and Eggman and refuses to let anyone get in her way, her favorite saying is "meOUCH! that's gotta hurt!"
Chesca4115 Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  New member
Name: Diamond
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Fav.Color: Skyblue, mint green, white
Fav.Food: Anything without sauce
Friends: Merissa, Allie
Enemies: N/A
Animal: Meercat
Info: She can be serious and happy at the same time. But if she is mad, run away because she might chase you very fast and shake you over and over.
prettylittleamuture Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  New member Student Artist
I am a dummy!  I LOOOOOVE IT even though i can't completely claim my OC lol
imcute633 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
my character is elder amy rose now I will do elder sonic
Derpyemo Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Me Anamatronic Character [ Fk grammar. ]

Name - Blu

Gender - Female

Anamatronic Animal - Bunny

Base Color/Hair - Blue.. obviously. [ Hair is darker shade of blue than base color. ]

Sibling(s) - Aquaa[ Sister ] and [ Old ] Bonnie.

Info - Blu may seem sweet and happy on the inside, but dont be fooled! During the night, Blu is VERY active and is nothing but a heartless living hell towards a Nightwatch. Find yourself letting out a blood-curdling scream at your open door from the fact she's looking limply at you, her glare telling you, "Help me." >>I would add more info, but I have no ideas.. qq<<
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