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September 13, 2007
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EDIT version1.2 now has a loading screen

As an added secret bonus thing, I decided to update the Female Furry Dollmaker in conjunction with the Male one!

So here is version 1.1 =} Tons has been updated since version 1.0, most of which came from your suggestions and comments on the last version, so thankyou! I hope you all enjoy this one!


Some info about copyrights and uploading

:bulletblue: Anything you make in this Furry Dollmaker becomes FREE FOR YOU TO USE. Any characters, you are welcome to upload to DeviantArt, or wherever you like, without permission. All I ask is that you give credit or a link to the Furry Dollmaker.

:bulletblue: UPLOADING: If you want to show other people what you have made, you are welcome to upload it into your SCRAPS on DA, not your MAIN GALLERY. This is against the rules and could be removed. Besides, it's not technically something you have drawn.

:bulletblue: You cannot save your doll in the Dollmakers (this is impossible to do in Flash), so please take a screen-shot of it using your "printscreen" key on your keyboard, then paste it into an art program =}
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PixelWarriorCats Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
I created me XD
PixelWarriorCats Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Don't judge man, just enjoy the game!
Tesla-That-Hedgehog Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Professional Filmographer
Like the creator actually cares about the comments below...
PixelWarriorCats Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Name: Silver Rim

Code Name: Agent Equinox (Equin)

Nicknames: Silver, Agent

Species: Echidna

Gender: Female

Personality: Intellegent, Calm, Collected, (Somewhat) Cocky, Brave, Confident, Determined, Quick Whitted, Cool

Is Quite Agile, Both On The Ground And While Performing Operations
Eyes Chnage Colour With Mood; Dark Blood Red Is Normal While Darker Red Is Angered

Can Teleport Up To More Than 10 Meters Away From Her Current Place; Her Eyes Will Glow Darker Than Before And In Her Wake Will Remain A Circle of Ashes
Cybercenetic Devices Give Priority To Multiple Powers Including Exact Coordinations And Calaculations of Enemeny Attacks As Well As Super-Speed.

Fur Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Dark Red
Muzzle Colour: White
Stomache Fur Colour: White

Silver and White Sleevless Hoodie
Black Fingerless Gloves
Highly Advanced Cybercenetic Wristband (See Leela's From Futurama) That Is Capable of Doing Quite A Variety of Things
Black Trackie Pants
Black, Dark Grey And Dark Red Boots

Do you like her? ANYONE?! XD Full profile will be posted on my page soon
Name: Ranim
Age: 10
Birthday: 23 of august
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Family: Reem (twin sis)
Appearance: She wears a yellow dress, a yellow headband, white gloves and light yellow shoes
Fur color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Weapon: Her magical sword
Element: Water
Boyfriend: Tails
Likes: Cookies, ice cream, chocolate, songs, drawing and painting
Dislikes: loud voice, headaches, getting late, failing tests in school
Friends: Ada the hedgehog, Kaya the hedgehog, Lauryn the hedgehog, Megan the hedgehog, etc
Enemies: Dr eggman, King sombra

Thats all bitches
Coral307 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  New member
AGE: 14
BIRTH: July 26
GENDER: female
FAMILY:King and Queen of Sky Blue Island
APPEARANCE:she wears a blue skirt with a white bustierr and blue boots dark blue and light blue gloves
FUR COLOR:light blue
EYE COLOR: purple
FAV. COLOR: blue and white
SUPER POWER: ice snow and wind
FIRENDS: Sonic Amy Blaze Tails Cream
ENEMIES:Eggman ega and Eggman Mephiles
ANIMAXDAISUKI Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  New member
NAME: Vina
AGE: 16
BIRTH: May 26
GENDER: female
SPECIES: demon fox
FAMILY: Gren the demon fox (eldest brother)
BIO: Gren and Vina's parents had been died when Vina's age is 14
APPEARANCE: with white bangs and wearing blue coat, blue pants, white gloves, and white boots
EYE COLOR: navy blue
FAV. COLOR: blue and white
WEAPON: ice sword
LIKES: ???
FIRENDS: Katty the demon cat, Karu the demon cat, Jewel the demon bat, and Ivan the demon tiger
ENEMIES: all except her demon friends
ANIMAXDAISUKI Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  New member
NAME: Katty (also known as Assasin)
AGE: 19
BIRTH: Nov. 1
GENDER: female
SPECIES: demon cat
FAMILY: Karu (eldest brother)
BIO: Karu and Katty's parents had been died because of war when Katty's age is 17
APPEARANCE: with bangs covers her left eye and wearing a black t-shirt, black w/ green coat, black pants, black gloves, and black shoes
FUR COLOR: black
FAV. COLOR: red and black
WEAPON: ax, sword, knife, and any sharp things
LIKES: kill and blood
DISLIKES: bothering her, disturbing her, noises, and accidents
FRIENDS: Vina the demon fox, Ivan the demon fox, Sirinda the demon bird, Claw the demon lion and many more!
ENEMIES: all! except her demon friends
cheye618 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
and age: 21
Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance Frog dance TO MUCH SWWWWWAAAAAAAAG
cheye618 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
name:Sugar Rose
type: heghog
dating:Sonic :3
family:amy (little sis)
bio:she is verry sweet and a little sexy!! she wheres a VERRY short shirt. she hates her sis.
personality:good girl sexay!!! and loving
bffs:rouge cream, srouge, tails, and shadow
colur:pink and black highlights in her hair

tnx 4 inspration!
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