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September 13, 2007
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EDIT version1.1 now has a loading screen

It's been over a year coming, but finally, FINALLY, Gen has completed her Male Furry Dollmaker!

Due to popular (and I do mean popular) demand, here it is. I hope you all have as much fun playing it as I did making it. Complete with new items, colours, categories and interface, this was a very exciting and long task, but I hope you agree well worth the wait!


Thanks to the following people for their contributions to this project, I'd not have made it without you:

~Kritter5x For as always, your love, bringing me MORE coffee, and your endless playtesting advice and the many fix-logs you threw my way, to make this a better project.

~jkgoomba89 For his contribution of an entire outfit to the Male Furry Dollmaker.

~Ste-C , ~Knuczema-the-Echidna and *Beca-the-Bat For their contribution of items (belts and shoes)

And to everyone else who encouraged me to complete this, as I said, I hope it's worth the wait, enjoy!!


Some info about copyrights and uploading

:bulletblue: Anything you make in this Furry Dollmaker becomes FREE FOR YOU TO USE. Any characters, you are welcome to upload to DeviantArt, or wherever you like, without permission. All I ask is that you give credit or a link to the Furry Dollmaker.

:bulletblue: UPLOADING: If you want to show other people what you have made, you are welcome to upload it into your SCRAPS on DA, not your MAIN GALLERY. This is against the rules and could be removed. Besides, it's not technically something you have drawn.

:bulletblue: You cannot save your doll in the Dollmakers (this is impossible to do in Flash), so please take a screen-shot of it using your "printscreen" key on your keyboard, then paste it into an art program =}
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I saved mine.
Name: Techno
Age: 16
Species: Hedgehog/Mongoose
Family: Manic (father) Mina (mother) Pop (Sister) Rock (dimensional counterpart)
Friends: A lot plus his own cousin Dark
Likes: Video Games, Goats, Wolves, Comedy, friends, family
Dislikes: Ash *Beep*ing Mongoose, for beating the crap out of Manic
Personality: Funny, Friendly
sonicfans0022 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
Name: Daskio
Age: Unknown
Species: Unknown
sonicfans0022 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
Name: Crokiso
Age: Unknown
Species: Unknown (No one knows what Crokiso is, some say he is a Fox others say he is a hawk)
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Crush: Drokilosa (No one knows what Drokilosa is)
sonicfans0022 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
Name: Jimmy Neutron
Age: Unknown
Species: Echidna
NannerSeus 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
name: Douchebag the hedgehog
Species: Echina
age: 92
Family: sonics secret brother and tails father (totes cannon)
Personality: Gay
Enemies: Sonic team refusing to let go of a bad idea, the entire sonic franchise, sega
likes: when sonic team doesnt make a sonic game, strange addiction to horse semen, The KKK, the holocaust, 9/11
bio: he grew up with sonic jerking him off and he needed to fuck his dad, and he did. he is dead inside and why do you faggots keep supporting the franchise? ITS DEAD, THE GAMES SUCK, JUST BECAUSE YOU ADD SKRILLEX DOESNT MEAN ITS AUTOMATICALLY COOL, FUCK ALL OF YOU.
InMyTrousers69 2 days ago  New member
name: Skull the Hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog
age: 16 (Oldest twin of the two)
Family: Snare 
Friends: Rexx,Toxic,Cookie(Its a dude)
Personality: Confused
Enemies: Snare
Like: Revenge and has a strange addiction to jizz
Bio: Skull was a adopted kid who went to a orphanage his story is the same as snare's bio until he gets adopted. When Skull was adopted he met Rexx Toxic and Cookie his other neighbors. They had fun and went to the same school. When his parents were worried he knew something was up. He asked and they said your brother is back. At that moment he ignored his brother because of the things he did to others. On snares first day everyone was ecstatic for Snares new spot as "Class clown" taking a shit on the teachers desk was a big thing. The old class clown was a tough kid he was a buff echidna famous for being Knuckles son his name was Brass. Skull told him to beat the living jizz out of Snare for being a douchebag. Once Brass said he would beat the cum out of him Snare made a force field that blew his shit and guts all over the place it even landed on his friend Miles junior's penis. Miles was so sad he left school for three months he was the lucky one. Once Skull came back he was to late The was blood shit and cum everywhere Skull got the cum and licked it. It tasted like snares and he was in the UK to assassinate the royal shit. Skull went home and killed his adopted family. Then he went next store and raped them and killed them he want all his shit including the math teachers dick but he was running out of time. He knew that if the royal turds powers and the penis were used for evil the planet Uranus could be at stake an some one needed to eat that penis to destroy it So he got the team together so Rexx Toxic and Cookie could destroy the royal shit and destroy the 19 inch long dick and save Uranus from blowing up and disturbing the universe. #DickTurdAsshole 
BrashCandicoot 2 days ago  New member
name: Austin
species: Iguana
age: 16

family: Dallas (father) Florida (mother)
friends: Lady the Fox and Jennifer the Flying Squirrel
likes: Pranks and his friends
dislikes: getting pranked and his enemies
enemies: Macey the Tiger, Casey the Monkey and Katie the Robin
BrashCandicoot 2 days ago  New member
name: Cryo
species: Tiger
age: 15
appearance: Orange, wears similar stuff that Silver wears with goggles and glasses

family: has an adopted brother who's a Dingo and a sister who trys to stop Cryo from what he does but doesn't do very good at it
personality: Charismatic, very agile and athletic but is quite na´ve and always exaggerates
friends: Fang the sniper, Bean the dynamite and Bark the polar bear
likes: Flying and capturing people
dislikes: Failing and people who are better than him

side: doesn't have one is more in the middle

Hyper mode
Speed mode
Rage mode
Dark mode
special mode

originally a rich child with his sister Macey but everything changed when Charles came. After Charles had come into the family Cryo became jealos because Charles was always better than him so, everyday Cryo would try and find a way to kill Charles but failed at one point when Cryo was 10 he set up a trap to destroy Charles but ended up killing his parents, after that incident Cryo, Charles and Macey went up for adoption by the time Cryo was 13 they were all adopted by a mad scientist (it is NOT Dr. Eggman) they never found it his name but they didn't care because they were glad they finally got adopted. when it was Maceys B-day Cryo was taken by the mad scientist and was shot multiple times after getting jabbed by a needle with a strange fluid he then woke up on a chair, Cryo called for help but the mad scientist put some strange gloves and shoes on Cryo the mad scientist then pulled a switch which caused Cryo to turn into a strange dark creature he than pulled another switch which turned Cryo into a lighter version of him, after three more switches he let Cryo go and grabbed him and put him on a table he than casted a strange spell and made Cryo forget everything except for Macey and Charles, the scientist then picked Cryo up and threw him out of a window. After that Cryo awoke in a small foresty meadow and felt very strange he stood up and tried taking off his gloves and shoes but couldn't he than wandered into the forest and heard people talking he hid in a bush and saw something green and something creamy he than looked up and saw a polar bear and a duck, the duck turned around and saw Cryos hair and told the polar bear they both tried sneaking up on him but Cryo jumped in the air and shot them with a blast of electricity Cryo than wondered how this happened but before he could say anything Bean threw a bomb at him Cryo screamed and stopped the bomb in mid air and threw it back to him the bomb blew up and nearly killed Bean, Bark then tried attacking Cryo but was suddenly punched in the face by a purple figure Cryo didn't know what to do so he just said thanks the purple figure said anytime and shook Cryos hand and said if you see a strange house in the trees I might be there Cryo looked at him and asked "who are you?" the figure looked at him and grinned and said "Nack, Nack the weasel but you can call me Fang" he than ran away Cryo turned and looked at Bean and Bark and asked who they were Bark said that it was none of your business but Bean told him anyway Cryo than healed them by just touching them and Bean asked if he wanted to join them but Cryo politely declined Bark than said if you change your mind just come back to this forest and we'll see what we can do they than left and Cryo wandered away. two years had passed and Cryo had already found his sister and Charles whilest becoming good friends with Fang, Bean and Bark
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