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September 13, 2007
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EDIT version1.1 now has a loading screen

It's been over a year coming, but finally, FINALLY, Gen has completed her Male Furry Dollmaker!

Due to popular (and I do mean popular) demand, here it is. I hope you all have as much fun playing it as I did making it. Complete with new items, colours, categories and interface, this was a very exciting and long task, but I hope you agree well worth the wait!


Thanks to the following people for their contributions to this project, I'd not have made it without you:

~Kritter5x For as always, your love, bringing me MORE coffee, and your endless playtesting advice and the many fix-logs you threw my way, to make this a better project.

~jkgoomba89 For his contribution of an entire outfit to the Male Furry Dollmaker.

~Ste-C , ~Knuczema-the-Echidna and *Beca-the-Bat For their contribution of items (belts and shoes)

And to everyone else who encouraged me to complete this, as I said, I hope it's worth the wait, enjoy!!


Some info about copyrights and uploading

:bulletblue: Anything you make in this Furry Dollmaker becomes FREE FOR YOU TO USE. Any characters, you are welcome to upload to DeviantArt, or wherever you like, without permission. All I ask is that you give credit or a link to the Furry Dollmaker.

:bulletblue: UPLOADING: If you want to show other people what you have made, you are welcome to upload it into your SCRAPS on DA, not your MAIN GALLERY. This is against the rules and could be removed. Besides, it's not technically something you have drawn.

:bulletblue: You cannot save your doll in the Dollmakers (this is impossible to do in Flash), so please take a screen-shot of it using your "printscreen" key on your keyboard, then paste it into an art program =}
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spidermonkey22 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
dkshark89 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
XD we cool mate?
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Ask-Sunheart Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Name: Gravity
species: Fox (robot created by dr.eggman
color: light blue
eyes: yellow
age: 16
clothes: white gloves, grey boots
likes: relaxing,looking at the stars, reading, his sister and brother: Ruby and Jam
dislike: evryone that calls him a robot, some one trying to hur him or his sibling
friends: Bro and sis
enemies: evryone
neutral to him: Dr.Eggman
power: Flying and teleportation
Ask-Sunheart Featured By Owner Edited Jul 14, 2014
Name; Jam
species: Fox (robot created by Dr.Eggman)
color: Black
eyes: Orange
clothes: black boots, white gloves
likes: Music, his sister Ruby and his brother Gravity,
dislikes: evryone that tries to hurt his sister or brother, being a robot.
Friends: his bro and sis
enemies: evry one
neutral to him: Dr.Eggman
power: jumping high and being invisible
cooldeven Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014

MetalFenix831 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Name: Snow
Age: 17
Gender: Male (this is a f*cking male editor plz)
Species: Echidna
Color: Light Blue
Side: Heroes
Team: Team Light (He, Fraga and E-150 Lambda)
Friends: Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Amy and E-123 Omega
Best Friends: Knuckles, Shadow and Big
Enemies: Tails Doll and Scourge
Archi-Enemies: DEMON (E-666), E-421 Chi and E-367 Kappa
Family: Argelia (Mother), Dafre (Father) and Layna (Sister)
Important relationships: Fraga (Girlfriend) and Saber (Brother in Law)
Dream: Destroy E-666 DEMON and restore the peace.
Favourite Food: Lemon Pie
Likes: Gaming, Eat, Fishing and Blue (Colour)
Dislikes: Murder, Sadness and Crime
ringpop64667 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  New member
name: Chris
species: hedgehog
 age: 17
fur: green with three hairs poking out his hat
eyes: brown
clothes: black hoodie, black shorts, plain white gloves and black strapped boots
chest/muzzle: white
friends:shadow, sonic and his brother, manny
enemies: eggman metal sonic and G.U.N
talent: is a major prankster
accessories: skull earing, skull belt and grey backwards hat
crush: isy the wolf
carimoorsider Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Cool game I love it.
SrFlash Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2014  Student Artist
Name: JK
Species: Wolf
Fur: Light Brown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Clothes/Accessories: Red Coat,Red pants, A Cross,Skull earing, Red and White sneakers, white fighting gloves, and black goggles
Friends: Rouge, Sonic, and Crew
Best Friends: Shadow The hedgehog, Sliver the hedgehog,Rouge the Bat, Blaze the Cat,Jackie the snowwolf
Enemines: Metal sonic,Dr Eggman, Blast The demonhog
Likes: Video games,Music,Training,Sweets, Fighting
Dislikes: Enemies . people being mean to Jackie, anyone interrupting his sleep 
Talents: He Loves Training with Master Blaze , sliver and shadow, he don't talk much, and Loves Heavy Metal 
Wowsersitsespurs2222 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  New member
Name: Miko
Species: Cat
Age: 16
Fur: Light Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Green
Clothes/Accessories: Black Sleeved shirt, Small Blue Scarf, Blue and White sneakers, gray pants, Blue gray gloves
Friends: Sonic and crew
Best Friends: Izzy the Cat, Andy the Hedgehog, Sorrow the wolf, Ash the Wolf, Sapphire the Wolf, Hibiki the Fox
Enemies: Stone the wolf, Tear the Wolf, Tuki the Rabbit, Eggman
Likes: Video games, Izzy, music, Training, Sweets, Exploring
Dislikes: Enemies, People being mean to Izzy, Anyone interrupting his spare time
Crush: Izzy
Talents: He loves to work with machines, and is great with a handy electric whip in hand, He loves standing at the DJ stand as well
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