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December 28, 2008


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  • Mood: Bewildered
I'd say please leave a message after the tone but... I'd never reply!

The time has come for Gen to move on. I've been working on setting up a new gallery for non-sonic art, because I will no longer be focusing my attention on... well, sonic art.

So, I suppose this is a small good-bye! I don't want it to be a bitter parting but I'm just pretty well fed up with this account and how bothersome it is to me. I'll be able to log in and keep an eye for spam or "THIS PERSON STOLE YOUR ART" type stuff, but past that I can't guarantee I'll be around.

Thank you to everyone who kept me going as long as I did, you're all so wonderful and I appreciate it a lot! For all the comments, views, favourites and advice I am most grateful even if sometimes I didn't seem it.

Now quickly for an UPSIDE!! I'm opening a new gallery on DA so I can post different art and express myself, without the pressure of appealing to a fan-base. I'll link it in a new journal later, because as you might understand... I don't want 1000 screaming sonic-fans posting "can you draw my character?" on my new front page, before I've filled it with some art that defines the gallery as NOT A SONIC GALLERY. ^_~

Back soon to do as promised!

~ geN8hedgehog


I do NOT do trades or requests. Please take note of this before contacting me about it.
Also, I do not get time to read notes or reply to emails, don't take it personally I'm just not a social person.
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JoyoPrower Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
Well see you on your other dA page! :XD:
SomePkmn-lovingdude Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
Glad your not leaving DA. ^-^
maester96 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
Can't wait to see your other side. At least you don't leave dA.
Rayne-Is-Butts Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008   General Artist
I just suggested the girl dollmaker for a DD too. :c
sonia555 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
No more Sonic art?...Well, can't wait to see your other artwork.
Cuddles-The-Kitten Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
i'm glad your not leaving DA, cant wait to see your new artwork..
PikaRox Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
Well thanks for promising to post a link :)
I'm glad your still staying on DA
SunaraIshi Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
Your sonic art is beautiful but I understand wanting to draw more than just that. Keep up the beautiful work and hopefully I'll get to see some of your other stuff.
Ashie-Kins Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Well, you had a long and good run as a Sonic artist and your Sonic art will always be remembered. I wanna say thanks for being good enough to do those trades we did and good luck in your other ventures into different forms of art. No matter what, you'll have friends in no matter what you do. Like me ^_^ :hug:
KiyoHosokoawa00 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Professional Writer
Well this sucks... I like your Sonic Art...
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