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February 12, 2008


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  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: Simple Plan - When I'm Gone
  • Reading: Nothing *cry* No book....
  • Watching: King of Bandits Jing
  • Playing: World of Warcraft
  • Eating: Fruitless finger bun
  • Drinking: Coffee
Now normally, most normally, I'm a pleasant, happy-go-lucky sorta person! I'm agreeable, tolerant, patient. But we all have our days, and I think I'm having one of those days *evil glare*.

That said, I'm feeling in a ranty mood. I'm going to list some things that are irking me to heck in the last few days. I don't expect responses or happyness in return, but it sure beats putting it all down in a Word document. Without further ado, Gen presents: An emo, socially challenged rant of epic proportions!

#1. Lets start with smokers. Nothing (much) personal, but please, if you're going to give yourself cancer, stand away from other people who do not want it. I was sitting at Nando's with Kritter5x, on a nice sunny afternoon. What the heck, I thought, lets sit out the front where there are some tables and get some air for once. Lining the windows were signs saying "Do not smoke within 4 meters" Yay! That means no one will smoke near us! Wrongo, stupid 16-yr-old whatever sits down next to us and lights up smoke after smoke. Ash at this point is blowing INTO my mild peri-peri chicken pita, and I am about ready to make a snide remark...
Unfortunately I don't like comfrontation and I never make a habit of telling smokers to please move away. I wish I did. Why should I sit there choking on smoke that is burning my eyes and lungs. Maybe next time I'll make a stand and take a chance.

#2. DA. Sort of in general, sort of not. I've said this MANY times before, but I really don't like the community aspect of DA. I'm not social, and I'm a busy person. Ok so there are a ton of people on here whom I really like and think they're wonderful, but they're heavily outweighed with annoying people. People who don't READ, then note, email or main-page me to bug me about it. "HEI PLZ DRAW MY FOX FOR ME???" No, I'm sorry, but I don't do requests. Never have never will, and this is ALWAYS written in my journal. I know that's a stupid place to look for it, but everyone puts it there.
Also people who say "Be my friend!" and "Add more stuff to your dollmakers, unreasonable things!!!" I understand some people don't know how Flash works, but for goodness sake, STOP asking for me to move heaven and earth. I encourage critisism, suggestions, items, design, but do NOT ask me to do 10-million poses and add 400 more clothes because "there's not enough!" That is at my discretion ><

#3. That new song by Alicia Keys. I use to love her, and I don't think I've ever switched the radio over for a bad song before this one. But I HATE that song.

#4. Rants. Oops ={

#5. My computer freezing and resetting... it's enough when it does it in the middle of me playing a game, but now it's doing it while I'm working!!! Aiee I've learned the hard way to save every few minutes.


Actually I thought I had a lot more to complain about than that! Maybe I compiled way too many things into #2 ?
Or maybe I just feel better already? Anyway apologies for this, because I don't mean to upset anyone, I just want how I feel to be known. I'd better get back to work, I took a good long break just to vent all this ^^; I need coffee and a finger bun now ;_;

Back next time with something slightly more upbeat!
~ Gen


PLEASE READ THIS: I do NOT do trades or requests. Do not email or note me asking me to draw stuff, it will be ignored. Yeah.
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lilsugarbaby Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008
gen my dad smokes so i know how you feel i love my computer it has never froze on me and i use to love that song it was me and my ex boyfriends song but we broke up and now that song ticks me off but anyway i love this entry it makes a true point
CatsEye-Writer Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2008  Student General Artist
bitchwolf Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2008
What can I say, except I second your emotions about smokers who insist I should smoke as well. :roll:
Last summer, me and some friends were at a big fair they hold every year nearby... And after, waiting for the bus, there came three kids (=teenagers of ages approx between fifteen and seventeen) and one started smoking. (at this point, we were sitting a few feet away from the road, they sat down by the road so that the wind blew the smoke right in our faces.)
We asked them politely to move and smoke downwind of us. They said "no" in a way that told us we were conservative old farts who were butting in on their freedom to do as they damn well please. We said to eachother some words about what a hell life would be when they started out in it for real, but couldn't really get them to leave.
Then came one of the security guys for the fair, and told them they had to move away from the bus sign, because they were too close to the road.
Now of course this didn't really make their going away our doing in any way... But everyone involved felt that we'd won ;) Hee hee hee. (I'm allowed a bit of glee for that.)
So yeah. Smokers that can't allow me to not smoke = no friends of mine. I'm about to roll into rants about that myself every half hour, the internet just gets saved from it because I rant to my friends instead.

The whole "be my friend" thing can be a bit odd to me, I'm not overly social either - I like to chat with/ go see some people that I'm close with. Friendships grow from maybe a common interest and then you have some other stuff in common and so on and so forth and suddenly it's been a few years and you still like each other's company.
I don't quite get the whole "yay we are all in the same place and roughly the same fandom so let's say we're one big family" thing. And "friends" for some people (a lot of people) online seems to mean "you draw me pictures and I type undecipherable messages to you".
I should add for the record that I've also met some really nice people online (esp. on dA) - but I'm not one to mingle.
DarkIgnis Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
lmao......... that was a decent rant there.....

and your right...... people are just stupid.....

im one of them..... but im not stupid just perverted.....>.>
*should not have said that out loud..*

lmao........ kill all the smokers...... thats what i say!..... its not murder it looks like suicide lmfao..... REALLY.....

meh....... gone now.... read your emo one now..... buh bye....
annzie Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008  Student Digital Artist
yup I agree, smokers are pain in the asses... they really kill you with the smoke flying at you.
Flamy-Star Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008
I seriously know exactly how you feel. ._.

About the computer thing, I've had that since I got my computer. =_=;; It's really annoying and I have it ALL THE TIME. >_>; Sometimes it's a little less, but now we're in a period that it chrashes about 20 times a day. >_>
Redesignated Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008  Student General Artist

Sorry. ^^;

Hope you feel better soon. D:
muffin-pants Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008
argh, I hate that song too.
Twas kinda funny at the state fair when where were driving home at like 5 mph the windows were down cuz it was hot and these people standing next to us started smoking and well all let hell lose on them. It was worth it cuz we stayed in the same spot for like 20 minutes. ^^;;;
HAPS Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008
Believe me, you're not the only one who hates that song...
TheDJTC Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008
I miss the rantin' Swede...
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