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October 17, 2007


  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Sonic and the Secret Rings OST
  • Reading: Nothing, I need a book!!!!
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: World of Warcraft
  • Drinking: Coke
Is it already October? My how time goes past! Over a month since the Furry Dollmakers were uploaded, and it just hasn't stopped since. Busy busy Gen =}

Well I got a fair few projects on the go. I'm the sort of person that once I get an idea in my head, it can either go one of two ways; I forget about it 2 minutes later, or I just HAVE to do something about it so that my head doesn't fill up with creative thoughts.
So I embarked on a few new fun things to fill my time with XD Here's the run-down of what I'm supposed to be doing....

:bulletblue:New books! Yeah I have been offered 16 more childrens books to illustrate in COLOUR this time. I'm moving up the ranks XD A bit daunting but, it's fun so far. I have 6 months to do them when they get underway, and I get to work from home, like a real free-lance sorta person.

:bulletblue:A new super dooper Flash game! Since my Flash coding doesn't stretch very far at all, and I wish it did, I'm stuck making another dress-up game. Well sort of, I'm about a third of the way through an "Avatar Designer"!
It's just a little thing, where you can make an anime face, but it's kind of cool and I hope I can get it done.

Lets say thats my list for now! Few more things also on the go but I won't go into them JUST yet, until they're done or further along.

Well I'm going to go back to working on Flash stuff, see what I get out of it for today! And maybe have something to eat... and a coffee. Yeah, coffee, that sounds SO nice right now.

~ Gen


Very sorry, but I cannot accept trades or requests at this time. Thankyou.
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Sonarthehedgehog Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007
I wish you goodluck with all of your upcoming projects. Avatar maker that sounds interesting and it's something different someone hasn't done before at least to my knowledge no one has yet. Goodluck again Gen.
ChidoriChick Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007
ooh an avater maker! awesome!
aurelia-the-golden Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007   Digital Artist
WOW avater maker= another Gen bandwagon. Seriously, some people, the only things they have in their gallery's are furrie maker pics!! XD I would LOVE for you to have an avvie maker though!
Vickyville Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007
its not that i don't like your avatar but mabey you should change it(not to be mean)(new is always good)
smhuddy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007
i SERIOUSLY need an avatar i made myself. the one i currently use was made by a good friend of mine.
NekoIsamu Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007
You're making an avatar maker? Awesome. I can't wait.
TakuniChan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007  Student General Artist
Yay! That be the smex!!
Mirai-Mika Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
The avatar maker sounds cool =) I hope you can get all those Children's books done! That's a lot of books...
dragontamer272 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You say you like Post-Its alot, I do too I draw little pictures on them using my ink pens.

Remember that scene from "Bruce Almighty", where he says; "Prayer Post-Its.", alot of them covered everything.
Ashie-Kins Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Soundsl ike you've been very busy indeed. I'm proud of you being able to move up in the ranks, Gen. ^^

An avatar maker? Now that will be something a lot of people can use (including myself). Good luck with working on it girl. =)
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